Great Communities are Powered by People

Our LIC brings together all Long Island City residents- and all Western Queens residents, while we're at it- to collectively reject the hypocritical attempts by developers and the EDC into convincing us that they have our best interest in mind, when they have proven time and time again that they do not. We are here to make sure the 28 acres of waterfront property they want to develop does not contribute to further gentrification, does not further damage our already-crumbling infrastructure, addresses the imminent environmental threat Long Island City faces due to climate change, and ensures that our public land remains publicly owned.

Long Island City has seen tremendous change over the last decade, resulting in skyrocketing rents, more homelessness, displaced immigrant communities, and environmental stress. Any further waterfront development MUST reflect OUR vision, and not that of the EDC, REBNY, or any Elected Representatives in their service.

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